Saturday, June 09, 2007

47 minutes

I can't believe it took me 47 minutes to install a shower rod.

Seriously. What on earth could possibly make installing a SHOWER ROD so difficult? 6 screws in the wall, 2 in the rod, bang you're done.


Surely there's a word for someone so "handy-challenged". Though, there might not be a word for it... it could very well be that I am the only person in the world that could take 47 minutes to install a shower rod.

It's moments like this when I turn my head to the ceiling and image God looking right back down at me, hand over His mouth, trying to conceal a chuckle.


SLW said...

Oh, flyawaynet, you have no idea how long I can make a simple job last. That name for an unhandy man? Mine!

flyawaynet said...

hah, I was considering that the name then for an unhandy person would be 'slw', but if you add an 'o' in there... it certainly fits.