Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blog tweaks

Just a quick notice.

I've updated my sidebar with the new blogs that I've been stopping at regularly. Except for the one that is an old one with just archives, I actually do stop by each of these blogs daily. I've really enjoyed, and been challenged by them.

Each of them, for the most part I've agreed with their beliefs. And that's one thing that prompted me to update this list, because formerly one of the blogs I linked to had a post where He declared he now believed hell is only temporary. I strongly disagree and while I might check in every now and then with his blog, I would never recommend it to anyone else.

Just as a small note, my two regular commenters slw and One_Sided are in my sidebar as well.
SLW runs The Sound Of Thunder
One_Sided runs My Side of the Story.
Mark over at Made To Praise Him is among these top 4 favorites I've listed here. He also seems to post more regularly than all my other favorites. Which definitely adds to the incentive to make sure not to miss a day.

And while he doesn't comment over here, I've become an addicted reader to Chronicles of a Healing Revivalist.

There are a few other blogs that I'm watching, but I haven't watched them long enough to feel comfortable recommending them, hopefully I'll be able to come along and add those in soon.

To all the bloggers that stop by my blog... thank you for doing what you do. I'm encouraged by what you do and challenged to improve on my own. Thank you.


Mark H said...

Just wanted to encourage you that I'm reading your posts and greatly encouraged and challenged by your honesty and all that God is leading you into.

every blessing,


flyawaynet said...

Hey Mark, I remembered you when I did the sidebar because I was going by notes. When I wrote the post though I just plain forgot about you. Your blog is among my top 4 MUST stops, and since you seem to blog more often than the others I frequent yours more than most.
I appreciate your encouragement, and it's nice to know that some of the numbers on my site meter, aren't just passing through visitors, but expected friends.

Mark H said...

I wasn't fishing! :-)

Just wanted to let you know how encouraging your posts are, even if I don't comment on every one.