Friday, June 08, 2007

Salvation Watch List.

Her name is Lisa.

She's a co-worker, and a good friend to me. She's put up with me for 4 years.

When we first met, I was a 22 yr old know-it-all telling her how to live her life.
Now I'm a 26 yr old know-it-all telling her how to live her life.
She's put up with a lot from me.

Her birthday is the same day as mine, and we've jokingly concluded that that's why we seem to crave the same foods at the same time. We also decided that being born on the same day (though years apart) was why our idea of the perfect office temperature was exactly the same but then menopause hit her and we're only just now falling back into a groove where we're both comfortable.

She's been there for four years, supplying toys for my niece and nephew, random (but useful) items she's found stored away, a car when I needed one, and physical labor when I decided to redo the living room of my old house.

The one time she saw I was reaching a breaking point, she ordered me a smiley face mug filled with candy, and balloons from the florist shop, and had them delivered to me, at work.

When I told her just last week that I planned on painting the lower half of the childrens bedroom in my house canary yellow, she supported me 100% only adding the helpful advice that I could always use some of my white paint and tone down the yellow if I needed to. She said those words at least 3 different times before the time came for me to actually use the paint.
Lisa just now left to go get us caffeine. I don't know why she needs it, but I need it because I was up late last night after church toning down my canary yellow and repainting over some very bright yellow walls.

When she recently broke up with her boyfriend, she took me seriously and didn't get upset when -after he called the office asking for her- I told him I would no longer transfer his calls to her since he'd called my friend a vile name the last time I'd transferred him.

Over the course of her years she's been through more things than I can imagine going through. Been called more names than I can imagine being called. And treated worse than I can imagine being treated. And yet she'll still do almost anything, to help out almost any one.

She's struggled beneath a load I can't imagine carrying. And she does it all, without turning to God. I know where her eternity lies.
And I refuse to allow this to happen to her without a fight.

I'm asking you, people I know, people I've read their blogs, people that I don't know and haven't heard of - I'm asking you to pray with everything you've got for Lisa's salvation.
I have doubts about whether any of you will remember her, and remember to pray, so her name will appear on the front page of my blog. She is one, that I need to see saved.

In return, if you give me a name, they will be added to the front page as well. It is my fervent prayer that names will one day be transferred from the front page of my blog, to the Lambs book of Life. So, pray for Lisa. And give me a name of your friend, child, neighbor, spouse, and I will pray for them.

A change just has to come.


J. W. Poteet II said...


flyawaynet said...

Now give me a name.

Rita said...

I am praying for Lisa. Please put Andrea on your salvation watch list. Blessings to you.

flyawaynet said...

You got it. And thank you so much for your help with Lisa.
Please remember this blog when Andrea gets saved so we can celebrate!