Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The day after

Reality has set in.

Grief has set in.

These are my people. And they're tired, they're hurting, and they're scared.
The majority of them have problems that can be fixed with a little elbow grease and sweat.
There are some though, who will forever mourn a loss that money could not replace.

My heart is broken for what they're suffering. May God have mercy.

Maybe you don't know my city. Maybe you don't know my people. Maybe you think this is small in the grand scheme of things. Maybe not enough people died for you to care. Maybe it's too far away, and unreal for you to care. Maybe you think my city is too full of druggies and trailer trash to care what happens to a few of them. Maybe there are too many other things for you to care about, for you to care deeply about this as well.
That's alright.
God cares.


Mark H said...

You have the heart of our Father.

I'm also feeling quite torn up as I read your last two posts.

Keep on loving.

SLW said...

The news has been tragic from Gainsville. Our prayers are with you. I'm sure you'll post if there is anything folk from far away can do to help. May God grant you and all the brothers and sisters there strength.

Anonymous said...

oh no, i am so sorry, i am far away and i did not realize how bad it was. i would not have even known that you got so much rain if it were not for reading your post. and i do not know anything about the city. i have been very ignorant and uncaring. i have not watched or listened to news reports lately and i am so sorry that your plight sounded like simply a bad morning. i feel like a total butt head. you are right i showed absolutely no caring. it seems that i often have to apologogise for something i have said that was rude or was blogged in the wrong place. i am finding out a lot of ways that i am a jerk. i do not mean to be...but it seems i am at times and learning from it, hopefully. I am sorry for the people of Gainsville now and also sorry that i hurt your feelings. i'm thinking that maybe this blog stuff is just not where i really belong after all. i feel like a im always stumbling over myself and knocking other people in the nose. well, anyway...sorry.

flyawaynet said...

I didn't realize you'd done wrong.

I wasn't offended, I wasn't hurt. My comment about not caring in this particular post wasn't directed at you. My unasked for advice? Don't allow the devil to make a mountain where there isn't even a molehill.

I haven't found you to be rude, uncaring, or offensive, I haven't seen you stumble all over yourself (except maybe in this particular comment where the devil seems to have convinced you of an imaginary offence) and my nose has not been knocked into.

So, next time the devil starts calling you ignorant and uncaring, if you could do me a favor and tell him -if you won't tell him yourself- "Devil, Jeanette says shut up".

Anonymous said...

i is true i did not take the flod very seriously...and i am glad that i did not hurt of offended. i will try to remember who not to listen to next time. we have floods here in the portland oregon area quite often in the winter and it usually builds up slowly and stops traffic in places for awhile. then there are the mud slides when the soil just gets so drenched over weeks of rain. the worst is usually snow or ice because of the hills all around and we get it in the valley so seldom that we all go out in our cars anyway and slide into eachother for a few hours in the morning. and almost every year tillamook on the coast floods. so they usually expect it to some degree. is there any help coming into the area? any special orginazations?