Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Light, you stupid candle, light

His name is David D'Louhy and he runs the blog "Chronicles of a Healing Revivalist"

I've been reading his blog for quite awhile, and enjoyed it. He functions in ways I just can't imagine functioning. He regularly plans trips by himself, and with groups to find what he calls "legal targets" those are people with an obvious need of healing. Maybe they're limping, wearing a brace, or a hearing aide things like that. Then he approaches them to pray for them. It's also something he just incorporates into his regular tasks as well.

If I saw someone with a runny nose, I'd offer them a kleenex. If I knew they had a headache, I'd offer them a tylenol. If I saw they dropped their purse, I'd pick it up. Maybe you'd do the same. But would I be willing to stop and pray for a lady carrying an oxygen tank around the store with her?
It goes back to what Mark at Made To Praise Him, and I were saying recently about our lights. I don't want to hide my light. If I saw someone in literal darkness, I'd find a flashlight, a candle, anything to be able to help them see better. I wonder if the true problem is that we're just not convinced enough ourselves?

Do we have to literally see hell before we're willing to risk embarrassment and possible offense in a desperate attempt to win these souls?

On my Salvation Watch post, I asked for a name of someone you wanted me to pray for their salvation and I got 1 name. And that one name came from someone that has never commented before. I had 20 visits to this blog on that day. Some of those visits were repeat, but if even 10 separate people touched my blog that day, that means 9 people chose to not leave a name.

Without drawing ANY other conclusions as to why someone wouldn't leave a name I can simply draw this one. When 10 people were asked who they'd like to see saved, 9 had no response.

I can't guarantee that all 10 visitors were saved themselves, so let's say only half my visitors were actually Christians themselves.

When 5 Christians were asked who they'd like to see saved, 4 had no response.

What do you think about that?

I'm convicting myself with this post, because, sitting here considering it I realized that our Sunday School class asks for prayer requests each week and I've never mentioned Lisa's name.

That's going to change.


Mark H said...

Got me! :-D

I'd happily email you a list of people to pray for, but I'm not sure I'd want their names on a public website. Maybe I'm wrong on this. Maybe they'd get over the shock of seeing their name on the web, and feeling that I'd judged them in some way, and they'd see that I really, really care about them. Or maybe it's "an English thing" I need to get over (shudder).


flyawaynet said...

I've been thinking about that, our friends feeling like we've judged them. But that idea kind of disappointed me as well. I thought about Lisa finding her name on my blog and realized that I need to make a change there as well.

She should already know I want to see her saved. She shouldn't be surprised. She should know that every day I'm praying for her salvation. She should know that I believe in hell, and that I'm scared because at the moment she's going there. She should know.

It'd be different if I were listing the name of someone claiming to be a Christian and announced to the world that I'm praying they get saved. I want the ones that you know for 100% they are heading towards hell.

Also, in case there was any confusion, I don't want last names. Or a whole list, just one name from each person. If your person gets saved, give me the praise report and a new name. And I'll work on that one.

healingrevivalist said...

I'll give you a name. Rick. I want him to get saved really badly.

You know what is funny, a friend of mine here at Bethel functions in ways that I can't imagine. She is just amazing. She is fearless and has surrounded herself with people who are more experienced than she is. But just like the people who she has gotten around, I can tell that she loves Jesus so much more than the average person.

I am not trying to say that anyone who isn't like her doesn't love Jesus, but as Bill Johnson would say, "Lovers are better fighters." Her radical love for Jesus is what drives her, not the testimony of people getting healed or saved, which she sees quite a bit more of than me I might add.

Glenda said...

I have some names for you but you already know them. But here they are.
Vanessa Sara W.
Lester Diane H.
Lesley Mike L.
Jamie Dinah H.
Kim Kay R.
James Alina
Howard JR
Jean R

I'll keep you informed of more.

flyawaynet said...

Thank you for the name David. It's on the list and I will be praying for them.

Thank you also for the reminder, the idea of "lovers are better fighters" is good. Maybe we don't fight hard enough because we don't love hard enough.

flyawaynet said...

I'm adding Vanessa to the official list Glenda, but know that I'll always be praying for your whole families salvation.