Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm rambling, you don't want to read this.

I just wrote this post, and wanted to let you know. It's now 11:40pm and you generally don't want to read anything I write after...say, 8:30. I suggest you skip this particular post and try to remember that everyone is entitled to write a post entirely for themselves sometimes. I made that rule, and I'm sticking to it.

It's 10:46 as I begin this post. At least according to the clock whose "set itself" feature absolutely failed me come our new daylight savings time this year. It's 8:46 according to my computer clock that randomly sets itself backwards 2 hrs. I haven't figured out why yet, haven't really cared enough to check.

The bedroom I've been working on is done. At least as done as it's going to get before it's inspected. I've moved from the bedroom to the rest of the house to make sure every thing is ready for a passing grade on inspection. The guy that is doing this inspection, doesn't seem to have done a foster care inspection before. He asked me to bring my own form. That worries me. The other guy just walked around looking for general violations and marked that there were none. This guy might actually go around checking all my wall plugs, or not trust me when I cross my heart and tell him I never intend to use the big Ashley wood burning stove sitting in the corner of my living room. Maybe when I try and sell it to him it will seem more convincing.

Friday, the inspector coming is Tameka. In class, she went through every note, on every page. When Allison (who did my last inspection) did class, we'd often get out as much as an hour early. That makes me wonder if Tameka will check every plug, and have a specific measurement standard as to what is "out of childrens reach". She's the one that said we should put all our movies behind lock and key. It's not a rule, just her preference. I'm wondering which way her enforcements will go. I don't expect to fail the inspections though. As a general rule these people want to pass you as much as you hope to pass. But it's still not pleasurable following someone around while they tell you how they wished you'd done xyz "but, it's ok".

I do have one violation though. I think my house has gained a mouse as an occupant this week, but I'm not sure. I'm praying Mickey will stay hidden at least as long as Tameka is here. No mice: _______ is actually on the checklist for the inspection.

I'm tired. I'm not in bed yet, because I'm waiting on a load of laundry because the sheets on the bunk beds needed to be washed. About 7 I talked to my sister-in-law and asked about the possibility of keeping my niece and nephew tomorrow. So tomorrow afternoon I'll gain myself 2 kids. It's going to be a great evening. They're great kids, and I'm so blessed to be able to know them.

As it gets closer to 11, I'm thinking more and more about just not going to bed. I have to get up at 1am, and it feels almost pointless. But I won't knock two hours sleep.

I was singing as I washed the dishes I dirtied making my dad's cake. We're having Fathers day celebrations a bit early because of everyones schedules. As I sang, I felt Gods presence, and even now I still feel it. It makes me want to speak in tongues. I'm so glad He filled me. I'm so thankful. Having Him give me His Holy Spirit, gives me more confidence for the other things I'm asking for now. I love Him so much.

He's given me purpose, life, joy, peace, contentment, discipline, strength, love, faith, hope, and a life worth living. Today, is a good day to be me.

Ahh, nothing beats clean sheets fresh from the dryer.

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Anonymous said...

i think i am done with laundry for tonight also. a pair of jeans for tomorrow. thanks for the answering really helps. and i think i found your blog at either "into the desert" or "water for words" and i think i found those through "in the clearing"...though, i do not remember how i came upon "in the clearing" hummm. anyway, i'm glad i found your blog too.