Saturday, June 16, 2007

Passing it on.

I'm a stubborn driver when it comes to cruise control. Once it's set, it's set -barring an encounter with a red light - it takes an act of God to get me to turn it off. I'll drive through crowded Dallas streets or rainstorms and it doesn't matter. If the cruise is on... I'm (wrongly) convinced that any dangerous situation will probably pass quickly enough that it would be pointless to turn my cruise off. For the record, I'm happy to say that most of you reading this, will probably never see my car barreling steadily in your direction. I'm foolish to do this, and I know it.
The dangerous moments generally doesn't pass that quickly, but I still hold onto my cruise control.
If my foot were on the gas, I'll easily speed up and slow down based on the traffic and conditions around me. But cruise control is an entirely different matter.

I tell you that, as a intro to this:

Driving home from work today it was raining, cruise control was set at 65 and I stubbornly refused to turn it off. An 18 wheeler passes me on my left side showering me with water, making it difficult to see, stubbornly the cruise control remains on despite not being able to see very well. For some reason, I seem to stay in the trucks spray zone longer than normal, and so... amazingly, I decide I'll kill cruise control and back away from him.

Not even a full minute later, 200 feet ahead of me, at the top of a hill a pick up truck pulled out in front of the 18 wheeler from a crossover. The 18 wheeler hit his brakes and swerved to the right, the pick up truck dove off into the median, and the SUV that the 18 wheeler was currently passing jerked over to the shoulder to get away from the 18 wheeler.
200 feet away from this whole event was me, easily able to slow down and stay out of the way of those trying to right themselves and get back on the road.

It may not be locusts, or frogs, or water turning to blood, a lions den, or a fiery pit, but driving the rest of the way home I realized how dearly I need to cling to these stories where God delivers me. And I not only need to cling to them, but share them as well.

You've got stories too. And I'm not saying you have to post them here, though I would be thrilled to read them, but whatever you do, tell someone. And when you do, make sure you give the credit to Whom the credit is due.

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