Monday, June 25, 2007

Gods purse

I've got to tell you, I'm pretty easily inspired.

This morning I headed over to see what's happening on my blog and Mark is there with his quote "It is abnormal for a Christian not to have an appetite for the impossible. It has been written into our spiritual DNA to hunger for the impossibilities around us to bow at the name of Jesus.". Then the link to the book the quote was from only fed into that.

That's why I'm sitting here, right now, boldly telling you and God this:

I need God.

You thought I was going to say something powerful didn't you. So did I.

I looked and saw the only visible difference between myself and the rest of the world was salvation. But that's only part of the story.

What makes me different from the rest of the world is invisible. You can't see it, but Lord willing, one day you'll be able to feel it surrounding me. It's power. Spirit, Power, and Authority. Not my own, but His. Embedded into my life as easily as I would put my money into my purse. Just as it is not my spirit that changes lives, but His Spirit that is living in me; it is not my purses money, but my money. But, where ever my purse goes, so goes my money. It's got to be one of my more foolish examples; claiming to be Gods purse, but if you were looking for eloquent, you were at the wrong blog anyway.

If I knew that I have a tendency to lay my purse down and it would be stolen; and that the money in that purse would not be used for the important and serious need of my mortgage, but someone elses desires , I would stop carrying money in that purse.

If you were carrying a million dollars, and you knew you had to hand it to John Doe in just 30 minutes, would you really set it down on a park bench, then drive across town and pick up a newspaper since you had some time to kill? Maybe it's 30 minutes before church and you've entered into a wonderful and deep realm worshipping Him, then you remember you forgot to tell Sister so-n-so something. So many times I've walked away from the depths of Gods presence to take care of things in the shallows. And I find I don't have time to get back into the depths before it's too late to fulfill the purpose He'd intended me to be there for.

Mark over at Made To Praise Him, blogged awhile back about "The Evangelist and the Assassin", saying that if our only job was to get people to Heaven, we would only need to have one person to "evangelize" and a second to.. .well... shove them on into Glory. One of our biggest jobs is to bring Heaven to Earth. And I realize, that I spend way too much time every single day needing someone to thump my head and remind me of that.

How much importance do you really place on Gods Spirit, Gods Presence, Gods Power, Gods Anointing? Wait, let's ask that a different way. How much importance do you really place on Gods Spirit, Power, Presence, and Anointing when you're standing in line at McDonalds. Or do you leave the value of all those things at your church steps? But, without those things, really... what makes you different from every other guy in line at McDonalds? If you aren't bringing a sense of Heaven, a glimpse of His power, are you really bringing anything more than the world?

Becoming different from the world is a matter of focus. 100% focused on God, 100% of the time. It's grabbing onto a tiny portion of His Spirit and refusing to let go of it for any worldly matter. It's holding onto your portion of Him and looking for opportunities to be a most excellent steward of that Spirit. Then turning back to Him with your results and waiting for the promise He's given of faithfully rewarding good stewards. It's coveting Him, His Spirit, His Presence, His power, so much that you really do view everything else as extra.

I confess, even knowing that I should, I do not live as though I consider everything else as extra. I might be willing to say I consider it extra. But I've allowed those extras to become too important to me.

Visibly, in most ways there is no difference between me and the world. It will rain on me, and them, I will be hurt sometimes, as will they. I will experience loss right along side of them. But, it's what you'll never see that makes me different.

No matter where I am, or how much like world I might look, whether I'm working as hard to help the homeless as you, whether I give as much money to charity as you, whether I'm wearing clothes from the Goodwill, or clothes from Macy's, if you prick me, it is royal blood that will flow.

I am called to be peculiar. I am called to preach the gospel. I am not just called to change the world, but I am called to change the worlds eternity. Let's just hope I'm not too busy catching CSI to do it.


Mark H said...

The evangelist and the asssassin


SLW said...

"Let's just hope I'm not too busy catching CSI to do it."

That juxtaposition is such a great way to express the American Christian's "dilemma". We are so surrounded by easy, distracting choices, that we lose, at least momentarily, sight of what's really important to us. To simplify matters, we could live the cloistered lives of hermits, but then what impact could we have? How to live in the world but not be of it?

flyawaynet said...

I got busy this morning Mark, and forgot to say thank you! I'm not surprised to find out it was you who blogged the post I mentioned, but thanks for the link and I'll update the page with it also. I was glad for the opportunity to read it again. :) So thank you.

slw, your question, "How to live in the world but not be of it? " immediately an example sprang to mind that made me grin.
My initial thought was to remember that all these other things are just distractions. And I thought, "how do you do that though?" and the immediate example came to mind of a family sitting in the waiting room, waiting for their child, grandchild, niece/nephew to be born. You might be watching tv, reading the readers digest, but your heart is racing for something entirely different. You're anxious to be able to put away the distraction and receive the news you've been waiting for. Or inside that delivery room, you're anxious for the moment you can bring an ice chip or coach some breathing, anxious and hopeful that you can fluff a pillow and make even the smallest of contributions/impact on the excitement around you and your purpose for being there.
Everything else, from the conversations about the weather, to the e-mails and phone calls you might make while you wait, they're all simply distractions.