Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bursting with pride.

I've been attending a revival all this week so far with my 9 yr old niece. Last nights service had her pulling out her paper and pencil to write "nots". It took all day yesterday and today for me to realize the word "nots" written on the top of each page was suppose to be Notes.
So, indulge me a moment while I have a proud aunt moment.

Her notes from the service scrawled on this paper. Her written statements are in bold, while my explainations of some are to the side.

God is not in time. (Taken from the preachers statements concerning how God was before time and after time, God is eternal.)

We are going to be set free.

The battleground is our mind.

God is not done with us.

He is yesterday, today, and forever.

God's resposeble for me.

He redems me.

God's fathful.

He takes resposobilode for his choieses.

There is a flow in our spirit.

What we do flows from our spirit. (Taken from the preachers statements that God is not concerned with what you DO as much as He is concerned with who you ARE. As what you do flows from who you are and your spirit.)

We are appart of a enternal famliy.

He is the eternal.

God's a big picture. (Take from the preachers statements that God is a "big picture God", and sees both the little things and how this moment affects you, and the big picture also.)

Did I mention this amazing kid is my niece? Her name is Angel. Her name suits her well.


Glenda said...

there is nothing like the faith of a child. I am glad that you are in her life.

Anonymous said...

i loved reading Angel's nots

Mark H said...

I love that! Our kids take a note book to church meetings. They don't necessarily sit in on all the meeting, but they ask God to show them things and they draw, and they write poems and songs to God. The simplicity of their notes and drawings often makes the truth stand out whereas our "sophistication" masks it.