Monday, June 11, 2007

A link to an excerp

Surfing around tonight, I happened across this blog, and this post. I'm quoting the entire post, so you don't really have to go there to see the post. But you might want to just wander over to his blog and see what you think. Or leave a comment on his post with this quote. Bloggers always appreciate that.

The following excerpt is from David F.Ford’s book titled “The Shape of Living”:

“Joy tests us by inviting us to be transformed by it. Most of us are deeply distrustful of the possibility of Joy. There are good reasons for our distrust: The yearning for joy opens us to repeated dissapointments, and the world is full of deceitful or over-hyped promises of joy. To be transformed by joy means trust, even surrender, and that is a massive risk. There is no avoiding risk, and once the process of transformation begins we cannot tell where it will lead - what will happen to me in marriage to this woman or as a parent to this child? Nevertheless, we make judgements about risks, and invitations of joy are not accepted without examination. The same double testing is called for in relation to resurrection joy. We need to face it as a joy that can transform our whole life, testing us by giving us something, someone, uncontainable. We also need to test it by examining it to see whether it should be trusted and surrendered to”


sacred vapor said...

thanks for quoting and linking to my post. Much appreciated.


flyawaynet said...

Thank you for quoting that book vapor. I can't read every book in the world, nor do I want to. So I rely on people to quote those books so I can still get the benefits.