Monday, June 25, 2007

Faith quotes

Mark commented and left me a link to the book "When Heaven Invades Earth", by Bill Johnson. It's available online (so I don't feel bad giving you the quotes) so you can read it for free. But after you read it, go buy it (I plan to) if for no other reason than people can see it on your bookshelf. If you leave me alone in your living room, I guarantee I'll be snooping around your shelves seeing what you read. I assume you have nothing to hide. You don't do you?

These quotes I found (so far) were the ones that really hit me and made me think. If I find more I'll just update this post with them. So if you like these (and don't have time to read the book for yourself) check back and there may be more later.

When we submit the things of God to the mind of man, unbelief and religion are the results. When we submit the mind of man to the things of God, we end up with faith and a renewed mind. The mind makes a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.


Faith is the mirror of the heart that reflects the realities of His world into ours. It is the substance of the unseen realm. This wonderful gift from God is the initial earthly manifestation of what exists in His Kingdom. It is a testimony of an invisible realm called the Kingdom of God. Through prayer we are able to pull that reality into this one—that is how faith functions.


Heaven is not moved simply by the needs of man. It’s not that God doesn’t care. It was out of His great compassion that He sent Jesus. When God is moved by human need He seldom fixes the problem outright; instead, He provides Kingdom principles that when embraced correct the problems. If God was moved solely by human need then countries like India and Haiti would become the wealthiest nations in the world. It doesn’t work like that. Heaven is moved by faith. Faith is the currency of heaven.

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