Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This moment.

I was thinking earlier about what I would post today.

I worked 7 hrs, celebrated fathers day with the whole family together, bought snow cones and a movie with the kids, then spent about 30 minutes outside drenching them with a water hose. The fire inspection went by with almost no issues whatsoever, and I can tell that my house is just about ready for the agency inspection.
The pressure is off now (it got a little stressful when the inspection was coming up and the room was all torn apart for the painting), and it's just a good day.
And through a lot of it, I realized, I have nothing spiritual to say. Nothing. No great statements about what I learned, or how to apply this event or that event to my life. No special commands or words from God telling me to do xyz. Nothing. Just, a day full of deep breaths and relaxing.
Today I don't want or need to know anything more than that God is good and I'm in His plan.

For this moment, I don't need to try and accomplish something, or comprehend some spiritual concept. I just need to sit. Enjoy being in His will. And enjoy this moment.

When is the last time you just enjoyed the moment?


SLW said...

Enjoyed the one it took to read this. :-)

Anonymous said...

me too

flyawaynet said...

I enjoyed the moment it took to write it. Right outside my window two kids were laughing and talking while they dried off and finished their snow cones. You just can't purchase the sounds of some moments.