Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Clocks clocks clocks

Every year at least one person in my family asks what I'd like for Christmas. Generally I don't know myself. But I still rarely tell people, even if I do know, because I hate the very idea of passing out a shopping list.

This year was different. Early on in the season, I informed my family of two simple wishes.
A Clock
And an iron.

I've had an ironing board stored in my house for the past 4 years... yet have never owned an iron.
My living room has a digital clock that was virtually impossible to read from any position except standing up directly in front of it. So I asked for a wall clock.

Two days before Christmas, a friend presented me with a huge clock for my wall.
Christmas day, my brother presented me with the initially requested clock.
Yesterday I found out that I had won a game that I'd played Sunday, and thus won... a clock.

Interestingly enough, of all the games played Sunday, and all the winners announced, each winner won a mug. Except me. I won a clock.

Gods word says you ask not because you have not.

I've asked for a bunk bet, found it at an amazing price - the very exact bunk bed I pictured when I closed my eyes.
I've asked for a crib, again found at nearly a third the price wal-mart would have charged, and the nicest one I could imagine owning.
I asked for a clock and got three.
I'm officially out of room for clocks at my house.

The bible talks about how He'll open the windows of heaven, how He'll supply all our needs, and how He'll do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine.

Each of the specific things I've listed may seem small and foolish to you, but they became important to me. Not in the sense that I would be unhappy should I not get them, but in the sense that, as I received each one it specifically spoke Gods love to me.

As I sit and think about all the changes that will soon be happening, I cannot tell you how tightly I hold on to the fact that the same God that cared about a need as foolish as a bunk bed, will be that same, personally involved God when I find myself in a dark place, a dark time.

It's incredibly hard to think of God as personal. It's hard to imagine He's watching over people and giving them words to say. It's hard to imagine He's giving people flat tires, just so they won't be on the interstate when the semi flips over. It's hard to imagine that He loves, just like you want to be loved, except better.

But He does.

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