Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sharing a snappy day.

Apparently God decided to oblige me and help me out in my decision to make this a "snappy new day". And since my posts are generally so serious, I thought I'd share my wonderful day with you. It's been a good day, a happy day.

To have a different day, you can almost guarantee it by having a different attitude.

Of the few chores (besides work) I needed to accomplish today, I needed to call and extract some information from my mother. Easier said than done when she's got alzheimer's. Fortunately for everyone in the family, she hasn't gotten to the mean stages yet, and tolerates our curious looks with the ease of someone entirely oblivious to them.

I called her to find out the city I was born in. She didn't know and so she tried to dig out my birth certificate. She then spent the next ten minutes trying to convince me that the birth certificate was in her hot little hands and was entirely blank. All those little fill-in-the-blank spots normally filled by mothers name, fathers name, babys weight, time of birth, etc. etc. All that was blank. Making her argument all the more convincing was her insistence that it was signed, had a golden seal and was in an envelope marked "Birth Certificate".

Finally everything was straightened out and she found my actual birth certificate. I began joking about being the child from nowhere, with no parents. Unfortunately, by that time she'd already forgotten the whole ordeal and I had to explain why on earth I'd say I was from no where.

At some point she's going to end up living with me and I truly hope God gives her some special reward for having to spend her final years in my hands.

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One Sided said...

Mom and perhaps a child of your own, on your own?