Friday, January 12, 2007

Good morning

I'm working out of town today so I'm up and blogging early. The problem is, it's nearly 5am and I'm just not clever or interesting at all at 5am.

The problems of my morning so far have revolved around leaky milk jugs and eggs that seem to have simply given up on life and exploded while waiting around in the fridge for me to get to them.
I'm hoping the klutz factor to my cooking abilities will somehow just fade away before a child dies of malnutrition here. Well, I'd never let that happen, but I don't know how long a child can exist on McDonalds and bologna sandwiches. I also don't know why on earth they spell something bolo-g-n-a when it sounds like baloney. But that's just one of the things you wonder about at 5am.

Anyway, to those that I know read my blog, I like you and I count you as friends. So I encourage you to stay home today, if you must get out don't go far from home. Don't try and fix anything electrical, or use anything sharper than a butter knife. If someone comes to the door and you don't recognize them, don't answer it. And if you think the food is old, for goodness sakes don't eat it.

I have a history, a strong history, of bad things happening when I go out of town. So be careful out there today. And hopefully we'll all be safe till I return to blogging on Monday.

Buenos diás!

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One Sided said...

Safe travels friend