Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I hope

Yesterday was wonderful.

The burden that is my unceasing wave of thoughts (my brain never seems to stop thinking) was lifted. Most of my thoughts yesterday were nothing but praise and thankfulness. Thoughts on the joyful things in life, and the good things surrounding me.

The day was almost over when I began thinking about how the day had started with me chasing a bad dream. I only spent a few minutes chasing that dream, but I spend hour after hour, day after day chasing so many good dreams. Good dreams that I can see will actually come to fruition, and other good dreams that have already been realized.

God's taken care of me in so many ways. Before some of the most challenging days in my life I can remember that shortly before that day came I had a really wonderful day. This day wasn't any different. Looking down at today from the contentment still there from my day yesterday I found myself having to choose to trust God and keep my contentment rather than look at my worries and try and think them out.

There are so many scary things in this world; different challenges that each of us face in growing that it's hard to always remember that God has allowed everything that's happened to happen. Much the same as I have goals and dreams that I'm working towards, God has goals and dreams for me that He's working towards seeing come to life.

That part excites me.

I hope I always remember those good days. I hope I always randomly force myself to slow down into the simplicity of something like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I hope I always keep hoping.

Besides all the things I hope for, I've especially begun to hope for the day that the the clouds roll back and my King comes to take me to my real home. A day when every tongue confesses Him as Lord -- no more conflict over who is right and who is wrong -- and ever knee bows -- no more indifference -- and friends that I look forward to knowing the next 20 years will be with me in Heaven for an eternity. I have hardly begun to hope in seeing Christ, because it's more than my mind can comprehend. I can't even fathom seeing Christ so I spend most of my time imagining what I can imagine.

So I hope. And I hope to give hope. It's just too stressful living without it.

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Anonymous said...

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb. 11:1

Always have hope, and we will always have faith.