Monday, January 08, 2007

My deliverer is coming

I'm ready to fight. I'm also very excited to take up this fight. That's probably the unrighteous part of my righteous indignation.

I only have two previous fights (of any real substance) under my belt. The first fight closed down Burger King (exactly what I prayed for), and the second fight earned me an apology from my public library.

In this fight, I want to win Godly leaders, making Godly decisions, and standing up to make Godly changes.

My church has spent a year making payments on a debt that has not moved one penny. Our payments drop into a seemingly bottomless well that is our interest and past interest and is never seen again. A small church of maybe 20 has made debt payments of over eight hundred dollars a month for the past twelve months. And yet each time, each payment, earned us nothing except a history of being faithfully robbed.

After a few months attending the church, and coming to understand the situation I became frustrated. A few more months and I was outraged. Now, after having been with this church for over a year, I am sickened, hurt, angry, and most of all distrustful of the "leaders" who after hearing our petition for mercy, deigned to forgive one-third of the interest on our debt.

May God show them more mercy, than they have shown us.

From the research I have been able to do so far, one of the reasons our denomination moved away from the Methodist is because they strayed from the teachings of holiness. What becomes of our denomination if our leaders stray from those very teachings themselves?

Of the few times I've picked up my righteous indignation and started picking at a perceived injustice; something has always happened. I firmly believe that God still moves. God still works. God is still as faithful today as He was when He gave us His Word. If a widow can change a judges decision by persistence, then I will learn her lesson of persistence.

Either I will become convinced that they have not put money above following Gods principles concerning money, they will become convinced they have wronged us and make reparations, or they will see the downfall of their organization. No organization built on Godly principles can stand once it has chosen continued sin and disobedience.

I began this with only two possible outcomes on my mind. The fact that a third has appeared and cannot be shaken startles me. But ultimately means that I should fight all the harder that they see the truth.

I wanted to post this mainly so I will have a record of the day I started this. Not to aid me today, but because one day I will look back on my posts. I will see this post and remember back to this struggle. And I will remember God's answer. Even if I only discover that my indignation is wrongfully placed. This post will one day be yet another reminder -- whether I fail or succeed as I see it -- of a day in my walk.

Meanwhile, I have hope. Hope in a God that hears my prayers and is wholly, not partially merciful. Hope in a God that allows affliction but provides deliverance. Hope in a God that loves.

And that is why I'm excited.

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