Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I've already moved. Not physically, but mentally.

Despite the fact that my offer was nearly $15,000 less than what they were asking, they took my offer seriously. They sent a counter offer, and asked me to partially give up a few things that I didn't want anyway. I confess I was smirking as I said I'd give up all those things 100% if they'd accept my next offer. It might not work, but I love the ins and outs of negotiating. It's probably going to be the most expensive fun I'll have in my life.

But each night I leave work and go to my current home. A home I've loved dearly for 5 years now. I spend the hours there mentally packing. Figuring out the quickest, and easiest way to get all my stuff out of this one house, and into another. Then I study pictures of the rooms of the new house and try to figure out what order repairs need to be made in so it will be ready for foster care inspections. I'm living here, but in my heart, my home is somewhere else now.

In the middle of all my planning and dreaming, I've thought about how all this should be very similar to living here on earth, when my home is in heaven.

You see, I've shown my house to everyone that would look. Everyone that knows much about me knows I'm looking towards a new home. My mind completely occupied with the prospect of one day occupying my home. I wake up thinking about my home, I spend the day taking care of things that will get me into my home, and when I go to bed it's only after praying about my home. My heart that once loved my current home so much, spends it's time thinking about leaving it as soon as possible.

I need to get that enthused about my heavenly home. It's bright and fair according to songs written about that home. It's beauty is too great for anyone to take a picture of anything that would even come close to the beauty there. And if that doesn't make enough of a difference, then the fact that my King will be there should. I wonder if everyone that knows much about me knows I'm looking forward to my heavenly home. My heart isn't as consumed with it as it should and could be.

I'm afraid I can't end this post with encouraging news about how my heart has changed concerning Heaven. I'm sure anyone more spiritual could probably tell me it should. But I am excited to be here on earth still. Much like I use to be excited to be in my current home. I'm glad to be here. I'm looking forward to doing so many things here before I get to my new glorious home in Heaven. I'm hoping to spend years and years making a difference in lives, and while I'm ready to go now, I'm not willing. I look forward to the day that I see Heaven with a futuristic sense of "one day but hopefully not today".

I just hope I will have done something good for Christ by then. I want a good report card when we read my book.

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