Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Necessary tools

Yesterday Phoenix was 15 mos and 12 days old. Today Phoenix is 15 mos and 13 days old.
What does that tell you exactly? Only that he survived yesterday.

Apparently, at the daycare, yesterday turned into a fierce hair pulling war as some little girl found his curls too tempting and just had to yank on them. He then returned with me to the "safety" of "home" and proceeded to injure himself throughout the evening. Pushing on a kitchen chair that has wheels on it he ended up banging his head against the leg of the chair just before ricocheting off the leg and banging the other side of his head on the floor.

Later that night, looking like a losing prize fighter, he went to bed. An hour later I heard a loud and distinctive THUD. Kamikaze kid had leaped from his bed and crashed onto the floor.

All in all, he took his knocks very well. Very few tears and even those ended quickly. But it all left me thinking about parenting and some of the necessary tools for the trade.

The main one I considered a priority was simple: Caffeine.

Not necessarily because you're tired, but just because you need a crazy amount of perky energy that only comes from large doses of caffeine. As I peered into my refrigerator and counted the assortment of sugar laced drinks, they all lacked the necessary amount of caffeine. My shopping list now includes both band-aids and Mountain Dew.

So, to all the people that inform you that caffeine/soda is bad for you, let me just tell you one thing. With the proper amount of caffeine I might have caught the chair in time, might have grabbed the cabinet door before his fingers got smacked, and might have grabbed him before he fell forward smacking his head into the wall.
So the next time you see me drinking a soda, just know I'm only doing it for the safety of those around me.

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