Thursday, January 25, 2007

I can't thank Him enough

I'm so glad that I have God.

Between the feelings of excitement, fear, and incredulity that I talked about yesterday is an amazing feeling of calm. If the child comes, it comes, if the house comes it comes. If neither come, then neither come. God is in control. I've been called according to His purpose, and I love Him more than life itself. I know this. So I also know that He is, indeed, working all things for my good.

This morning we reached a standoff on my house with everyone insisting I needed to give them more money. I informed everyone necessary that I wasn't going to give them more money and I was willing to walk away from the whole deal right now if it was necessary. I ended up just sitting back, knowing there was nothing more that I could/would do and knew the deal wasn't going to fall through over this, I just didn't know what was going to happen to keep it alive. Someone caved and the deal is still alive. God works amazing wonders.

My thankfulness right now has not so much to do with still being able to proceed on the house, but the peace that comes from knowing God is in control. I do not spend time worrying if grass will grow, it's a given. And today I haven't spent time worrying if this house will happen. Whether it does or not is in God's capable hands and there is amazing peace in that.

I just can't say often enough how nice it is to be happy. I know so many unhappy people, and spent enough time unhappy myself in the past, that I know how heavy that burden makes you feel. I didn't spend much time appreciating my happiness until this morning when everyone around me seemed very unhappy. If I didn't have God, I would have been in that same boat with them.

The song "
My Tribute" starts off with the lines "How can I say thanks, for the things which You have done for me". Those lines keep running through my head as I sit just thinking that I'll never be able to thank Him enough for all He's done. There are no words to describe how truly grateful I am. None.

And now, sitting here typing about how grateful I am, I had to pause. The idea that God timed this phone call in the middle of my praise only makes my peace greater.

The phone call was to let me know that 1 yr old Phoenix, will arrive tomorrow around noon.

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Anonymous said...

Both you and Phoenix will be in our prayers, whatever event in his life that brought him here---I am very sorry, but I know he will be in the best of hands!