Thursday, January 11, 2007

One signature can change your life

I'm a foster parent.
I signed several pieces of paperwork and my signature line didn't just say "signature" it said "foster parent signature". I looked at that line over and over and thought that surely there must be another line that I'm suppose to sign on since I'm not a foster parent. But I am. Or at least a close enough to one for their technical signing purposes.

I chose to become a foster parent because it feels like God's plan for my life. As a matter of fact, I know it's God's plan for my life.
I chose my agency because I knew it was the agency God was drawing me to.
I chose the timing of now because it was the timing God wanted me to do this in.

Everything, all sorts of big and small factors have just, amazingly, fell into place. Yet after my 4 hours of questioning during the homestudy I honestly thought the only way I'd ever actually become a foster parent is if God works one more miracle and speaks in an audible voice to the director of the agency.

I'm 25 and I feel young. Not in a "young and vibrant" kind of way, but a young and foolish kind of way. There's a certain amount of wisdom that I think all parents should have, and I don't feel that wise yet. I know God can see my heart, and knows that through Him I can do this. But the agency workers can't see with God's eyes. And while I hate to think that they have horribly low standards, I just can't imagine what they see in me that they would trust me with this job.

But it's done. I sit here now both anticipating and dreading every ring of my phone, not knowing when the call will come. But God thinks I can do it. So I will do it.

I'll say Yes, Lord, yes, to Your will and to Your way
I'll say Yes, Lord, yes, I will trust You and obey
When Your Spirit speaks to me, with my whole heart I'll agree
And my answer will be yes, Lord, yes.

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