Friday, October 03, 2008

Blank Slates

It's about looking stupid I think.

It's about anything.

It's about every thing.

That's the goal anyway.

I've been thinking a lot about 'why'. Why am I twisting my life around, why did I leave my church, why am I going back, why am I having church in my house, why am I meeting for notSunday Sunday school.

And the most basic answer, is that I want Gods will. I want to live my life, like Jesus would live my life. And I think most of us are light years away from that. And I'm heading up the top of that list.

How would Jesus live our lives?

How far do you take it? Where do you stop? Do you stop just shy of looking crazy? Or do you justify irrational behavior by saying Jesus didn't stick with logic?
Or, do you sit and do what everyone else does until God "calls" you to do something else? Does God have to 'call' us to turn off cable? to get rid of the 2 U-haul trucks full of junk do we need to have a altar moment that releases us to hold a garage sale?

I guess, from the way I phrased the question, that obviously I believe that a 'calling' for those things aren't necessary.

I don't mean it though - I think.

All of this, is just stuff. People that don't love God do these kinds of things every day. They find ways to save money, be frugal, live simply, enjoy 'nature'. So I'm not doing anything different than some of the world is doing. So the key, the real key, lies in seeking God while I'm doing this.

It's somewhere in the prayers, and tears, and the study of what He's written for me in His Word, that the real path is discovered.

I get tangled in confusion sometimes. It's hard for me to mix several different things into one once some of them have gotten mixed up. I like to start clean, with a blank slate and start completely over. And I wonder if that's what I'm doing in all this. Making myself a blank slate.

So for all the things I'm unsure about, for all the ways I'm throwing away, here's what I know for sure.

God won't leave my slate blank.

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