Friday, October 10, 2008

Which kind are ya?

So I'm watching the Israel Gaither 1hr special that's still on my DVR from before the regular channels went away, and they've got these 4 girls in this special area that dance to the music.
It's nothing wild, just a bunch of arm waving and swaying back from side to side.

The two front girls have caught my attention though because one of them just dances with flowing joyful abandon. The second one, though she's doing the exact same motions as the other there's just something different. She's not doing it 'right', she doesn't have that same joyful look to her. Actually, she smiles quite widely, but it's more like a "this situation is new and novel" smile I suppose.

The difference between the two is vast to me. One is a pure pleasure to watch. I don't know why, other than that it looks like she's dancing inside out. And the other, from the outside in.

Watch 2:29 - 2:32 of this video for a prime example. (Am I getting too obsessive about this?)

Just seeing the difference, made me catagorize christians in the same way. The purely joyful from the abundance of their heart Christian, and the outside in Christian.

Looking at how different I can be in different situations I wonder if I'm only an outside in Christian, when I'm actually in a religious setting?

Which kind are you?

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