Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freeness and Rabbit Ears

I've got a goofy chuckle bubbling up right now.

That's right my friends, I've discovered something unique. Something so old fashioned, yet nostalgic, and simply a novelty. A beautiful novelty.

My friends, let me introduce you to:

Rabbit ears!!!

Before I tell you of the wonder of free tv, let me first tell you of the wonder of FREE rabbit ears. I went to my favorite little hole on the internet. It's I went online and said Hey... anybody got free rabbit ears, and the next day I was pulling up at a complete strangers house and pulling a pair of rabbit ears out of the green planter next to their door.

Yes, I know what you're thinking, but they knew I was coming.

So I picked up my free rabbit ears, and then plugged them into my tv and

Free tv.

I'm missing all the way cool features (guide? how do people live without an onscreen guide? and in 5 minutes I realized how much I will miss the pause button.) but I do still have 2-6 (I'm not really sure why I have 3 channel 10's and 12's? and there's nothing on either of them. But it's more than enough for me. I'm happy. And I'm more than pleased that it's free. God bless America.


Anonymous said...

oh my...i thought you were getting rid of your tv altogeter! ha...we use antenae as well. only a few channels to work with. the best is pbs...the public station. nancy

flyawaynet said...

I am selling the main tv, but I have a smaller tv that will go in it's place once this one is gone. I want to be able to watch movies and stuff with the kids sometimes when they're here. But for the most part, and by Gods help, I plan to keep it primarily off.