Monday, October 20, 2008

An end of an era.

Laugh all you want but, it was with great soberness that I officially packed up the dish network equipment today.
I've been disconnected for a bit now.. but for some reason I still got the game show network, and infomercial channels, plus I could happily rewatch all of my previously recorded stuff from my dvr.

It's gone now though.

It's very very quiet here.


Anonymous said...

i can imagine the quietness.

when i have the tv off i am able to hear the more quiet airplanes, crickets, cars, the refridgerator humming, other odd noises that the house makes from heating up or cooling down, the rain...even my own thoughts.

i do not know how it would be around here with no tv. we don't watch all the time. but, enough that we would have to make major adjustments that might not be all that comfortable for awhile.

i would like to hear how it is going in the new era.

flyawaynet said...

I'm interesting in seeing how the new era is going to turn out myself.
After boxing up the stuff, I was praying that God would take the time I'm freeing up. Because it's too easy for me to find some other pointless thing to just fill in the hole.

I appreciate your prayers if you think of me.