Friday, October 24, 2008

Who did you vote for?

Why is it a secret who you voted for?
Why is it rude for me to ask you who you voted for?
Is it really that big a deal?
Should it be that big a deal?
Are you ashamed of who you voted for?
Are you upset that I might have voted for someone different?
Does that mean that a conflict has to arise?

You'll find huge political people, long political posts, page after page of political blogging, followed by the words "I voted today."

Who did you vote FOR?
Why do you not tell?

I believe Barak Obama is in favor of abortion, to the very extreme limit of partial birth abortions.
I believe John McCain is not.

I once made the comment on another blog, that no matter what you promise me, whether it's world peace, low intrest rates, great education programs, and a perfectly balanced budget, if I had to receive those benefits at the cost of a childs life then I choose to not have those benefits.
That still stands.

So count me as one unusual person that is not keeping her vote a secret. I'm going to vote for John McCain.

Wow, it even felt weird to say it.

My niece however informed me that she would vote for Obama. She's pretty unusual too.


Anonymous said...

i don't support either candidate.

i can not bring my self to choose between the two people that are still in the race to be the head puppet.

i have seen enough.

not going there.

i have the King of Kings to serve and that is good enough for me.

Larry said...

It is a crying shame our choice is to vote our morals or our wallet. I have no choice but to vote for the one who in voice echos my belief in the support of life.