Monday, October 06, 2008

Toilets and Rats

I'm smirking when I write this, because I'm pretty pleased with myself.

You might remember, that September 6th, I wrote about working on my toilet. Ok.. technically I wrote about how much I enjoyed taking a perfectly good tank outside and smashing it to smithereens.

It's .. ironically enough, October 6th, exactly one month from that date.

And I just finished fixing my toilet.

I went in with a new supply line, bolts, washers, nuts, wingnuts, and a brand new wax seal, and some heavy duty unclogger stuff in case that had any part in the issues.

I went in, and just went to work and I think I convinced my toilet that I knew what I was doing, because it bent to my will - and I now have 2 working toilets.

It's a beautiful thing.

NOW, for the mouse I mentioned before?

Since that time, I've bought several things and yet he/it/they, still live on.

I haven't seen it/them for quite awhile. None of my food is bothered, and I don't find droppings on the floor as I used to. (Maybe he's been here so long he's housebroken?) I know he's still around though since he regularly snaps the snap traps, and eats the poison I put out which include a small cardboard box of pellet poison, and -so far - about 6 of the big hunks of poison that are suppose to be strong enough to kill a dog. I put them out, and they disappear leaving some crumbs behind.

I also have an expensive live trap that he regularly ignores, and I'm out of the glue traps because he caught himself on them so many times and got loose that there was so much fur on them that it was no longer sticky.

Anyone have any other great ideas on how to kill this monster in my house?


Anonymous said...

a cat

no kidding, my sister has farm land around her place and mice had come into the house because she had lost her cat...she tried so many night she was sitting in her lazy boy and the mouse came up and stole the bait from the trap right in front of the mouse. she said it was like it was grinning at her.

so the next day she went to the shelter and came home with two cats. no more mice.

flyawaynet said...

Actually, early on, I could hear exactly where the mouse was, so I brought the cat inside and pointed him at the hole. Dumb cat sniffed other rooms and rubbed my couch but refused to even look at where the mouse was rummaging around.

I'm starting to feel like Wyle E. Coyote.. next thing you know I'll be buying ACME explosives to put under my sink and get rid of him.