Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Church-goers, Christians, and Spirits

I was reading a very interesting article today on church-goers, who assume they are Christians.
(Found at Jolly Blogger thanks to Milton at Transforming sermons).

The article was talking about how so many people attend church seeking their own spiritual comfort (amongst other things he listed), and they are not gospel-driven. It was a good article, well worth reading if for no other reason than to question yourself and make sure you don't fit into the profile of the psuedo-contented churchgoer who has no heart for the Fathers gospel.

And in a comment I made on the article I was speculating on something that I suppose I'd never considered before...
Missionaries to churches.

Considering my comment later, I realize that I don't believe I am such a thing. But, I'm questioning if that's not what God has called some to. So many people now are leaving the church, meeting with believers in their homes, and seeking a deeper walk with God than what you typically find at your local church buildings. Are some of them still connected to their local churches because God has called them into that missionfield?

Has the church really become a missionfield?

I was talking with someone earlier about how a person would become a missionary in America. I live in America, why can't I, as a child of God, be a missionary for Him here? And if so, what would that look like exactly? But then this new question came along and I began to wonder if I my actions in church could become more missional.

How crazy is it to even consider? Is it necessary?

Look at your church, how many of the people there operate in a gift of the Holy Spirit? How many people are seeking the Holy Ghost if they don't have it? How many people are doing something to act out the great commission?

I was talking to someone recently, someone I respect, about someone else I respect. And the 1st person informed me that they don't talk to the other person because "their spirit doesn't jive with my spirit". And I confess, it took me utterly by surprise. Because if the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in us... that means one of these two ladies doesn't have a spirit that jives with The Spirit. And it hurts to think that of either one of them.

How many more sleepers are in our churches? How many of them sit with blinded eyes, and hearing, they hear not.

Am I the only one to wonder?


Anonymous said...

i think that our whole life in Jesus is a mission for God no matter where we are.

it would be nice to meet in small groups. i know some leaders that are actually wanting people in the congregation to do this to be able to get to know each other and help each other better.

i read the post of jolly blogger and it was thought provoking

flyawaynet said...

I'm glad you went over there... I saw your comment for him this morning as well.

I just don't want to ever find the rut where I just assume I'm a Christian because I'm doing what Christians do.