Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What would Jesus say?

The woman met Him at the well, and He had a message for her.

He went specifically to the pool of Bethesda to see the impotent man, and went back to him later in the temple to speak to him.

He searched for Adam in the garden.

He stopped under the tree for Zacchaeus.

He called Moses to the mountain.

So awhile back I was considering what Jesus would say to me. If He sought me out, I wondered, what would He have to say? The question had no more occurred to me than the word "Peace" came to mind.
I'm sarcastic at heart so I snorted and said "That's not saying much."

I did think about it though, because I have moments when I feel peaceful, but in general I'm rarely at peace. I'm always pushing and twisting. If I'm not growing it feels like I'm dying and I've never found a happy, peaceful middle ground that I can stay on.

If He sought you out - what would He say to you? He's got a message, just for you, what is it?

I would have expected my message to be one of condemnation. And it could be that the word "Peace" simply popped in my head without Gods divine intervention.
Either way, that's my story. What's yours? What would God tell you?
Does He speak condemnation or hope?
Or is He simply silent?

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