Thursday, October 09, 2008

A question on church.

This is the question that's been bothering me for quite some time.

Being a preachers kid, I was raised in church. My life has always revolved around church. I know my way in and out, and even know how to keep cranky old church women happy with me when I choose to. Though I'm learning that I "choose to" less and less every day.

I want to do the right thing. 100%, all the time. No if's, and's, but's or exceptions to the rule.

Which makes it all the harder when, in trying to do the right thing, I question the one thing that has been solidly 'right' all my life.

Is going to church the right thing to do?

Would Jesus go to church?
Would Jesus be welcome at your church?
If Jesus walked in and said all the shocking things he typically told the standard 'Christians", would your church ask Him to leave?

I'm still on this home church kick. I'm challenged in home church, I'm held more accountable by home church, and I'm pushing harder into God lately with home church. In the round the dinner table gatherings I've gotten to experience, I honestly wouldn't trade them for anything. And this is only the beginning. As people get more comfortable I'm starting to dream about where it could go.

But then, I have those same dreams for the 'church' I attend on Sundays.

My great big God feels shrunk.

And I don't know how to unshrink Him. I know there's more, and I'm searching. What would Jesus do?


SLW said...

Nothing wrong with church meeting in homes, that's how the early church did it for the first two centuries. Going it alone is unscriptural, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together is what is called for (Heb 10:25), size is not part of the equation.

Anonymous said...

i do not know what you should do.


i looked up the etymology for the word church.

from what i read it ment "of the Lord" and was used to refer to houses of Christian worship since 300ad.

of the Lord...

i think that humans have a very hard time seeing the Holy Spirit as a part of their whole lives and in so doing we make catagories in our life of all things instead of seeing it as a blending of the Holy Spirit into all of our life.

we have done this with church and with everything else in our life.

we separate things that do not need to be separated.

i am thinking that we can go to any service or gathering of those that believe in Jesus. even more than one or many as we desire to go to. we are connected to all people in the body by the Holy Spirit. you are a part of the wholy body in Spirit.

also, God is with us and in us no matter where we are. so the church or body of Christ goes with us i assume. and we should be praying fot the saints at all times.

it is so much a part of us that we can not separate us and God and the Body of Christ. it is all blended together.

in this light, what we have made of church or anythings else that we put into their little catagories so that we can try to understand it with our human minds...what we have made of it all has separated instead of blended together a picture of our life of the Lord.

just my thoughts.

flyawaynet said...

I agree slw, perfectly. It's just hard for me to not feel wrong about the idea of doing home church instead of 'regular' church.

I was raised, Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday nights, you were at church. Period.
To miss one, is a glaring sin.

So I've got my two house church times, PLUS my Sunday morning and evening activities just to feel I'm not 'forsaking'. Because if they're gathered, and I'm not, I've forsaken it.

It's hard to make the mental change. Especially if I shouldn't be making it.

Jesus went to the temple. PLUS taught His disciples.
Is that what Jesus would do today?

SLW said...

I see your difficulty. Do what you think is right, but try not to be ruled by guilt (easy for me to say, eh).