Friday, October 10, 2008

Eternal legacy

It's a strange twist for me to suddenly be watching such unusual (for me) videos. Rap music just isn't typically my thing - but then maybe I just haven't heard good rap music!

I've watched the last video that I've posted, over and over and over again. Something about it just grips me. I love it. It gives words to a lot of what I've been thinking - except it does it in a great way...

It does it by going to God.

I've gone up and down and back and forth with OK God loves me, He loves me not, He loves me, He loves me not:

I'm classically wishy-washy.

But the great thing about that video is that he defines it, exactly as I would see it for someone else, I could easily pray those words for others. But certainly not for myself. I really have enjoyed that video.

And then, I went over to Christ Is Deeper Still, and I see this video on 'eternal legacy'....

And in it he specifically mentions that we all want to make our mark on the earth, to be significant... but Christianity is completely different because we gain our value by God, being known by God is what's of value to us.


I um...

Yeah... my um.... No.

I want to make my mark on the earth, I want to do things that PEOPLE find significant, so that PEOPLE can like me which makes me feel valuable and worthwhile.
I want my co-workers to think highly of me, my friends to think I'm smart enough, my enemies to think I'm tough enough, and I want to be of such a caliber that people will talk about me when I'm not there and say good things. That my fame will be spread in their good words. All under the banner of that if people like me God must too.


It's crazy hard to imagine my heart not caring about those things anymore, and simply being filled with the desire to have Christ, God, happy with me. But, watching that video made me want that. It made me wonder about eternal values, and my eternal Savior watching me and whether He could be proud of me - even if the world, friends, coworkers, etc. never could be.

It made me wonder about truly living only for His pleasure, first and foremost.

What would that be like?

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