Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ok I'm really enjoying the new blog I found. If you'll notice, his blog is taking over my google reader shared items. A plug once again, for "Christ Is Deeper Still"
I'm going to have to stop just because moderation is always a beautiful thing, but I wanted to share one more video I found at his site.

I watched it waiting for something to happen,... about 20 seconds into it I realized what was happening and I spent the remaining seconds with goosebumps.

This, again, is awesome.

On his blog it was titled Psalms 47:1 in Africa.


JW said...

Good grief. It hardly seems fair. I would give my eye teeth for a few dozen people like that.

flyawaynet said...

It can be. You really can have a few dozen people like that. You just have to be willing to be unconventional about how to get them all together. Eye teeth are easy, how about our pride, our fear of embarrassment.. would I so easily give that up for an unguaranteed "maybe" of 36 people screaming praise to God?
If the answer to that was REALLY yes, I think we'd already have the few dozen.