Monday, August 18, 2008

Just keep walking...

It's about obedience.

What are you not willing to do?
What one thing do you put before God in your heart?

We all have those taboo areas in our lives where we wish we could keep God out. And it's those places that He most wants to enter. It's those places, that regardless of how mundane, or small sounding they are... the are the huge craters that gap between us and God. Even though we consider them as petty little dips in the road.

God has a different measuring scale than we do.

Something I've definitely learned from being a parent. When a child is put in strange, and unusual situations they reach out for the #1 person they know they can trust. They'll cling, and stay close.
They're also unpredictable. Prone to crying fits, and tantrums.

Same thing applies to crazy adult kids like me. Take me away from home Lord, and I'm going to cling. But I might cry too. But in this time, I'm going to hold onto You harder than ever. I need something I can trust, and know is sound. I need something, that no matter what else changes in my life, I know will never change. And someone that, regardless of my opinion on the changes, I can still trust to be working the best for me.


I heard a song today that I just couldn't seem to fit in my understanding. The lyrics just constantly repeated about how they would love God, serve God and whatnot through the bad times. It was one of the few songs on the radio that I just couldn't sing along with. It just sounded self-glorifying. As though God should feel honored that we wouldn't quit.

Bully for us.

I think songs like that are best sung in... and only in a storm. Because, as I've learned, you really don't know what you'll do in a storm. No matter how well you do, no matter what you've promised or sung to God... you never know when you'll find yourself out of the safety of the boat looking down at the waves and realizing danger is all around you.

So I guess I wouldn't sing that I'll praise God in the storm. But just pray that God will prepare me for the storm. And hope that in the storm, I'll sing His praise.


SLW said...

I hear you. Bold acclamations don't mean much when they haven't been tempered by the fire and hammer.

flyawaynet said...

And what's the use of bold acclamations about how well you'll do in the time of trial?

SLW said...

True, I wonder who those songs are trying to convince.