Monday, August 04, 2008

Holy Spirit Turkish Delight...

I've been wanting to write this post all day long now. Once the idea finally clicked, so many other things just fell into place and I've just sat, biding my time until I could finally sit down and put words to it.

The basic summary, and gist to the whole thing is this:

The Holy Spirit is like Turkish Delight.

Someone commented last night and reading her comment everything in me was wishing there was some way to make it sound like I wanted something more than what my church typically offered - without making it sound like my church folks were just unrighteous pew warmers.

Someone else was talking to me about it and they reasoned that the lack of life-changing worship in churches now days to the people having idolatrous hearts.

And, while I wish for so much more from church, my church, every church across the planet... I'm going to call it something else.
I'm going to call the Holy Spirit Turkish delight.

Probably need more of an idea than that, don'tcha. :)

For those that have apparently lived under a rock and aren't familiar with the Chronicles of Narnia, "Turkish Delight" is the treats that the White Witch offered to Edmund (one of the 4 main characters) that his intense hunger for it overrode his loyalty to family, and made him greedy for only one thing, one thing was needful and that was more Turkish delight. Nothing else mattered.

What we have at my church is good. It's nourishing, and sustaining like a relatively healthy meal.
But dear God, I know, I KNOW that there is so much more to be feasted on when I go into Gods house. There are the riches of plenty as His Spirit will never run out or be rationed. It's going in, and feasting of His presence, and offering everything of yourself back into Him at the exact same time.

The best worship in the world, is absolutely exhausting. And refreshing enough to get you through the hardest times. It's MORE than what you'll find in most churches now days ( at least in this area). And it's typically easier to worship by yourself than with a group because it's hard to move past where they've stopped at. "Life sustaining meal"

It's the difference between the widow woman making the last cake, and God offering the oil that never runs out. There is MORE. It's exciting, passionate, heart breaking, and convicting. Worship, can break you then put you back together again brand new every ---- single ---- time. Changing you, molding you, making you.
Not an exercise.

I think that's the best part of what David wrote when He said "taste and see" that the Lord is good. There isn't any condemnation for those that aren't tasting or looking to taste what I'm searching for. So don't take it as a criticism when I say from the bottom of my heart how I wish churches, my church included would taste and see the wonders that is available. I've tasted something incredible in my life, I've eaten of the Turkish delight, and nothing else can satisfy.

Oh Lord, I'm hungry.

Here's the controversial part though. I say, with everything within me desiring something better not just for myself but for you ALL of the you's reading this blog , that if you're satisfied with what you've got, then you haven't tasted what I've tasted. Not because of anything you've done or not, it has nothing to do with what kind of person you are or how your heart desires God. Maybe, all the churches you've been too never offered this amazing delight, maybe you've just never seen this particular gem of a treat and didn't realize that what you've experienced wasn't all there was. So I want to tell you to look, start searching, digging, asking God, for a taste of what I'm talking about even if you disagree with me. Because I've tasted it, and like the greedy Edmund, my eyes are set on that prize of Gods powerful presence. The kind of presence that leaves a fragrance in the air, the presence that blows through buildings with no windows open, the presence that drops onto people until they find themselves on the floor speaking in the Spirit seeing visions.
There's more than what we've got. An abundant, untapped resource of more.

It's real, it's for TODAY, and it's for us.

And I want it!

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