Saturday, August 30, 2008

Intentional growth

Despite how nervous I am about the future - I wonder if this might be the greatest time of spiritual growth in my life. Of course, that's if I survive it. :)

The reason for that thought is simply this:

If I grow, it will be because I did it intentionally.

There will be no routines or scheduled traditions that just accidentally grow me a little bit during each service or something.

It'll happen because I decided to grow, and put great effort into it.

I think, a lot of Christians grow, slowly, barely, because they're just doing what they do, and sometimes, randomly, small doses of growth just happen.

I won't have that luxury anymore.

Are you basking in that luxury? Or have you decided to grow?

It's the difference between "I have decided to follow Jesus" and "I have decided to sit around other Jesus-likers."

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