Saturday, August 09, 2008

The next best thing

There are so many best things about being a Christian, that my title is meant to reflect that this is just one of many best things. Not the second to the best.

And it is -

Get this:


I've written a couple of times about how I just didn't feel like I could take communion. I don't feel that way anymore.
SLW referred me to a blog and as I was reading through, the writer, Julie, talked several times about the joy of communion. And while I spent half my time at her blog kind of squinting at things that I didn't jive with too well, her posts on communion did remind me of something that I'm looking forward to.

I'm thinking we might have it tomorrow, because I believe we were trying to get on a schedule of the 2nd Sunday of the month. Just in time. :)
I could be entirely wrong, but I can wait if I'm not right. Either way, whenever we take it, I'm ready.

It's been a sucker punch each time, looking at the wafer and mini cup of grape juice, just sitting on the piano. Untouched. I've never had the heart to put it back in the trays after church, but by evening service they're always gone.

Not this time.

This time I'm going to remember. I'm going to remember what He's done for me. And I'll remember that it has been and will be enough. It's been enough to keep me through the darkest of nights. It's been enough to keep me when I couldn't believe. I'll remember that He loves me. He really does love me, and that the entire gift is just his grace to me that I can't earn no matter how good I am, and I can't lose no matter how many times I fail. (Failure is different from rejecting God.)

I'll remember.

The body and the blood - Video
This is my body, broken just for you.
For all you've been, and all that you've been through.
This is my blood
And when you reach the end
I'll offer you again
The body and the blood.

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