Saturday, August 30, 2008


I was watching a movie this afternoon, and in it, some of the characters were publishing a magazine called "Perfect".
Every article they produced told you how to live the perfect life. How to eat right, how to organize, how to make the best decisions, how to follow your heart, how to deal with past regret,... perfect. A Perfect Life.

For the past 6, almost 7 years my life has been anything but perfect. And thank God.

I serve an awesome God who is King over the sloppy. My messy decisions, my messy praise, my messy love, my messy hopes, my messy unrefined life. He's King.
In all the messiness, I bet He doesn't care where I go to church. Yet He cares a great deal where I follow Him to church.

He's King, through my every mistake, through my uneloquent prayers, and through my sappy attempts at witnessing. He's King, when I play the piano too loud during a quiet worship service. King, when I can't find anything to say to someone that's hurting. King, when I praise Him, then sin.

He's King of sloppy lives.

He's King even though I sin, and let Him down. King when I don't spend enough time with Him. King when I fail to listen to Him, King when I hurt someone else. He's King over my sloppiness. I think He may have even created me to be so sloppy. He created me to sit on the grass in my good jeans.
He created me to be late to something if I need to help someone. He created me to wipe up baby poop, snotty noses, and hearthurt tears.
He created me.
He created my relationship with Him, and teaches me daily how to develop it.
He created me to play.
He created me to dance.

He didn't create me to fear, and doubt, and worry and hurt - but He did create all the sloppy people that caused me to do those things.

He created me to believe, and hope, and forget the world while focusing on the people in the world that need Him. He created me to believe for the impossible. Unfortunately, He created in me a nature that has me believing in the impossible in the sloppiest methods possible.

I believe in foolishness.

And, He created a book on how to live a perfect life - but He defined perfect far differently than we did. Because His book on perfection is full of sloppy people.
Sloppy people just like me.

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