Monday, July 02, 2007

5 Things I really dig about Jesus

After a year and a half of blogging, I've been tagged. It somehow feels like I'm in the junior high that I never attended (I was home schooled) and somehow became friends with one of the cool kids. So thank you slw, for the tag.

So here goes....

5 things I really dig about Jesus.

1: I love the totality of His love. There's nothing partial about Christs love. He didn't shed some of His blood for me; give part of Himself to me; but came to earth and gave every single thing He had in Him. He's still doing that in my life today. I love the totality of His love.

2: I love that I can't predict Him. I enjoy watching people, figuring out how they'll react to things and what they'll say in response to something. With Christ though, I just can't do that very well. Often, after something has been done, I can easily see the author was Christ, but so often I sit back thinking, "I can't believe He chose this to accomplish that!".

3: I love that He sees something specifically special in each person. He's called me down a specific path, for a specific reason, to accomplish specific things. I see it. Clearly. I doubt my own capabilities often, but what I don't doubt is that God knew what He was doing when He put me to the task of accomplishing it. Often I'll tell my nephew to do something that I know is within his capabilities (he's 6) and after a few minutes, he's throwing his hands up in frustration. With a few words to calm him down, and tell him that he can do it, he almost always accomplishes exactly what I knew he could accomplish. I'm glad God knows my capabilities better than I know my nephew.

4: I love that He seems human to me. Holy, yes. God, yes. But when I think of Him, I still think of Him in human terms. Often, I don't picture Christ with a loud booming voice, but with a soft one, a human one filled with kindness. "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? It is a hard thing for you to kick against the pricks." Those words have touched my heart as personal loving words from a Savior. Someone who walked the difficult earthly roads and felt compassion for this man who so diligently persecuted the church.

5: I love that He has made me glad. Walk around with a smile for one full day, thinking about how God your God is, and desiring to help others. Add into that, a willingness to listen to others for however long they need to talk. And you'll see a marked difference between yourself and most of the people you come in contact with. He has made me glad. He has made me happy. He has given joy. I didn't have that before, and the world around me doesn't have that now. I can see just a portion of where I'd be without Him, and I'm so glad, so very glad, that I don't have to be anything but glad.

And that's it. That's my 5. I get the privilege of picking 5 others so here are my chosen few:


I've watched these guys blog for months and months, and it's always interested to see what people come up with. So, we'll just have to see what they say!
When you get done with your list pick five other victims, er, friends and leave a comment here linking back to your list post.
For those not tagged, maybe you don't have a blog or maybe you don't post regularly and that's why I didn't tag you! But either way, I'd still enjoy it if you left a comment with your 5 favorite things. There have been a lot of terrific answers so far, and it's worth following a trail to see a lot of the taggers.


SLW said...

Great list! Especially #4, never would have thought of it. Hope you had fun.

flyawaynet said...

I did, I've never had to blog on a specific theme before. It was a lot of fun. Thank you for thinking of me when you chose your victims! :)

Anonymous said...

i so enjoyed reading about your love for Jesus. i will have to check-in on the five that you tagged so that i can read about their love also. beautiful day here in oregon today...sun! my youngest and i are off to buy some paint for her room and cat got her drain tube out of her head today, which is not very lovely, but, she is being a good and brave cat.

Healing Revivalist said...

Okay, here are 5 things I really dig about Jesus...

He died for me - I know that this sounds basic, but for me it is a really big deal. Knowing that He gave His life to pay the price for every time I disobeyed God gives me reason to live my life for Him and get Him the best bang for His buck.

He loved people - I am amazed at how He loved people. I get so impatient with people who have endless requests or do things that annoy me. He was compassionate with everyone who wanted to be touched by Him.

He was out of the box - When the disciples asked Him to save them from the storm when they thought their boat was gonna be wrecked He calmed the storm and then rebuked them for their lack of faith.

He knew who He was - He knew the Father loved Him and He knew who He was called to be. It is my desire to know Him so well that I would be able to walk in the full authority that He has given us.

He traveled to preach the gospel and heal the sick - What would I do if people with Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Spina Bifida, etc got healed when I prayed for them? Travel around the world holding healing crusades seeing entire cities getting saved and equipped to live a supernatural lifestyle.

I could probably think of more, but that is a good starting place.

Brian Mashburn said...

Okay...I made my list...thanks for the challenging assignment. I don't know how to tag people...but my post is at

One Sided said...

It took a few days but I have posted my 5.