Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Obedience of Faith

Chris Hamer-Hodges blogged about "The Obedience of Faith" today. More meat if you ask me. It might not be steak, but it's certainly not milk. Yum.

I won't give you his whole article, since that feels like cheating him. But I will tease you with the last few paragraphs of it. It was a good post and well worth reading.

And what is faith without obedience? Nothing, certainly not the faith of the kind that God responds to. It is just mental assent. A conviction of truth that does nothing to change our behaviour. James says even the demons have this kind of "faith" in God.

But faith married with obedience, what a team! The faith that does not just grip your thoughts, but moves your feet. A mustard seed's worth of this kind of faith can see the power of God released.

The faith that enabled Peter to walk on the water, was not a conviction that he would float (it is debatable how much of this kind of faith he had) but the determination that he would take that first step out of the boat. That step of obedience was the true manifestation of his faith, and the means of the miracle.

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