Friday, July 20, 2007

trust Me

I love you.

I sent my Son, my beloved Son, to die for the world, yes. But I sent Him specifically for you as well. I don't want you to have to face eternity without Me. I'd do it again, and so would my Son.

Besides loving you, one of the reasons We were willing to do so much to preserve you, is because We knew the plans We had for you. We knew the purpose you would acheive with your life. It's a good purpose (We gave it to you!) and it's worth dying for. It was worth dying for, because We love the people you're going to touch as well.

And what kind of Father would I be if I sent you to do something that really couldn't be done? I'm going to help. I promise. Because I'm here, YOU will accomplish all things, through my Sons strength. I've put you in a position to do something. So don't be afraid, trust Me, and I will help you accomplish things you are certain are beyond you. Because nothing is beyond Me.

I know what people say about Me. I know what they say about you as well. I wish you could hear some of the things people didn't say about you though. I heard them. And I was proud. They were talking about My child and they've said some pretty terrific things about you. My child. You.

You are doing a good job. I know you can't see all the results of the little things you've done, but you really have done a good job. I'm pleased. You've touched peoples hearts and lives with the words and actions I've given you. I see Myself in you so much sometimes it's uncanny. I'm so proud. Don't get discouraged, oh, don't get discouraged. You just don't see what I see. Trust Me though, you've done more than you imagine.

I've spoken so much to you, but sometimes you've just been too hurt and confused to hear Me. So just trust in this: I hear your prayers. And I'm working things out. You may not see the results yet, and I know you're tired of Me telling you to be patient, but you do simply have to be patient. And, My thoughts aren't your thoughts, so when My end result doesn't look like you think it should: trust Me.

I love you. I love you like no one else loves you. And know you like no one else knows you. I have sent my Spirit to comfort you. Let Him. Let go of the things I've brought you out of and move forward. Keep walking. Trust Me to see you through the end of this journey. The road is difficult, and narrow, I know. But you're going to love what you find at the end. Trust Me.

- God


One Sided said...

Now you are talking!

How great that the Most High loves us?!

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