Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Growing up

Ok. I've got a question for you. Several, actually. And I'm doing this on the honor system. Whatever you do, DO NOT find a scripture in your bible to answer with. If you have one in your head/heart that you can answer with... fine. Use it. But if not, don't look up what the "right" answer should be before you answer.

I've talked about meat. Told you all - and myself - to grow up. I mean it, and I think it's important. But, I want to be sure of something in myself before I start blogging so much about growing.

So here are your questions.

1. Are you a Christian?
2. Do you want to grow ?
3. Why?
4. How do you define growth? (i.e. what do you expect)

Question 3 seems to be my stumbling block. I know some of the typical "right" answers. The spiritual answers. The problem with being raised in and around church with my entire life is that it becomes hard to differentiate between the "right" answers, and how I really feel.

Why do you want to grow?


Anonymous said...

ok...i have not looked up a thing and i am going to attempt to honestly answer your questions as well as i can for today.

1. are you a Christian? Yes, I believe that Christ is the Son of God. Savior, King of Kings, Lord of Lords...

2. Do you want to grow? I want to be where God wants me. I want the Holy Spirit to do God's work in me and through me...and I think that growing and changing is part of that process. To be strong in God's strength to be able to withstand and endure the attacks of the evil one.

3. The chruch and God is in me. He has my life and my soul. I belong to God. Because He loves me and has given me His mercy and love. Because He is with me and I want to be with Him.

4. How do you define growth? The spirit will continue to shape, teach, and bring me closer to God and His will for me. I expect that if i meet God in his word, in thought, in spirit, in His love, in faith, in His truth, as His child and ready to humbly serve and listen that i will be in a better place to recieve what He has for me then i benefit, the church of God benefits, goodness grows, love grows, the light shines in the darkness.

Mark H said...

Hmm. Head-scratcher! Here goes ...

1. Are you a Christian?

Yep! Though I didn't do anything to deserve it ;-)

2. Do you want to grow ?


3. Why?

I want Jesus to be famous in my sphere of influence.

I want to come home to the words "well done, good and faithful servant".

I want to see more breakthroughs for people who are hurting and lost.

I want to pass love tests more often than not.

Life without change and adventure is boring.

The Bible says it should be normal to grow. I am in a process, not yet a finished work.

I need to practice what I preach.

4. How do you define growth? (i.e. what do you expect)

To have faith today for the things that I didn't have faith for yesterday.

To see impossibilities bow to the name of Jesus today than I didn't see bow yesterday.

To know God better today than I did yesterday through DOING things together that we didn't do yesterday - i.e. not merely knowing more ABOUT Him, but really knowing and experiencing Him.

To be able to communicate with and help a broader cross-section of people today than I did yesterday.

To SEE more of the eternal things today than I did yesterday.

To experience more of the eternal things in the here and now today than I did yesterday.

To really love those today who I found it difficult to love yesterday.

To cherish righteousness today in areas where I allowed sin to sneak in yesterday.

To be fully aware of His presence for a few more minutes today than I was yesterday.

It's one of those lists where I'm sure more will come later- doubtless things that are more profound too! But I just wanted to respond in the spirit of your question - i.e. off the top of my head.

Be blessed :-)

Chris HH said...

Hi. Thanks for your links and kind words about my posts.

Here are my answers:
1) Yes. The Spirit of Christ is in me.

2) Absolutely!

3) Not growing is not an option. The idea that we can have any form of Christianity that does not involve growth is not one we find anywhere in the NT.

I want to keep in step with the Spirit. The path he leads me down is a path of growth. If I am not growing then I am no longer keeping in-step with the Spirit.

God's kingdom is a kingdom of eternal growth. If I cease to grow, my life ceases to reflect the kingdom.

I want to see God's kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. The first step is submitting to the kingdom myself. This is not just a one of decision, but a daily commitment that demands that I grow.

4) The ultimate benchmark is the fullness of Christ. Nothing less. This is the destination that both individually and corporately our pilgrimage of faith is taking us towards.

My growth can only be measured by how much I am more like Jesus. How much more I reflect his character and gift.

One Sided said...

1. Yes, I know Jesus and aske dHim to be Lord of my life.

2. I not only want to grow. I do not want to ever assume I am grown.

3. I can recall very vividly the me before Christ. I can see so many who verblized acceptace, but do not reflect it. I see those who are yet my elders, and many have decided that they have arrived. So I want to continue to move away from who I was, I do not ever want to become stagnant, I want to recall that no matter how old I may become , I am still a child of God's.
4. Willing to explore, wanting to seek understanding. Constantly taking in nurishment and producing fruit. I guess I want to be a plant a thorny old rose bush would do me just fine.

flyawaynet said...

Thank you all for your straight from the heart responses. Exactly what I was looking for.