Friday, July 06, 2007

Not forsaken but...

I feel like I lost something.

I barrelled right along without it up until now. But now I quit.

Last Monday night during our church revival, God came near. His presence was thick and wonderful in ways I can't describe.

The absence of His presence though, is more saddening that I can describe also.

It is the weight of silence.


One Sided said...

When the power and glory of God shown all about, we stop and listen.

What did He leave with you?

Peace, hope, direction, instruction, comfort, instruction. reaffirmation, strength????

What, my friend?

Anonymous said...

he is still there. it is like apple pie once we taste it we want more, it is just the heat of the kitchen that wears us out.

flyawaynet said...

Larry, it's hard to answer your question. I went to bed full, satisfied, peaceful, hopeful, encouraged, strengthened, and woke up empty.

Anonymous, He IS still there. He promised He'd never leave me, so even if I felt like He wasn't there. It's not true. -- I just wish He would say something.

Anonymous said...

he just did

flyawaynet said...

I took a quiet moment and said, "If you were going to say something God, what would you say?"

Instantly came the response, "Don't give up."

I come back online to see anonymous telling me what just happened.
God's creepy. But in a good way.

Anonymous said...

if you spell it wait it is not so heavy to bear

flyawaynet said...

If I were only searching for more I'd be patient. But I can't wait with nothing.Though I did wait, at least until today to start complaining.

Why would He just turn things off? I'm not a toy and God doesn't play with me.
I believe He is a just and loving, and faithful God. But that doesn't mean I have to understand.

Anonymous said...

It is like visting your grandparents are someone you love who lives a long way off, before the days of cell phones, and IMs it leaves you missing them when you go but you know you will talk again when you reach you destnation so just enjoy the ride