Monday, July 09, 2007

F I G H T!

You don't know how hard it is to not post his ENTIRE article. David Copeland over at Revival Journal posted Satanic Attacks and an Open Heaven. I'll only give you a piece of his article, but it's well worth taking the time to go to his site and read the whole thing.

"I sense satan has stepped up the warfare for 2 reasons:
1. satan is attempting to close our open heaven. satan always attacks directly before, or directly after a great blessing from God! I don’t believe satan has the power to reverse something God has done, nor reverse what He has decreed be done: but when he begins to bombard us with temptation, failures and physical attacks, along with that comes an assignment of unbelief! It’s easy to keep your faith strong when everything is going great. The challenge comes when you fail, yield to a temptation or a besetting sin…when your body feels like it is about to lay you down for the last time; when your check book tries to tell you giving to God is a gimmick, a hopeless waste of time, that’s when it becomes a real challenge to keep your faith strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!"

No, I'm not telling you the second reason.. you'll just have to go to his site!

"Every blessing God pours into your life, He does it to increase your dependence on Him and your addiction to His Spirit!"

Hello, my name is Jeanette... and I'm addicted to the Holy Spirit.


" I want to encourage you: Be strong, and be encouraged! We ARE in a season of an open heaven! And even though we have not experienced everything we thought we would experience in this season, God IS releasing your miracle, your deliverance, your finances, and your restoration for you, your marriage and your ministry!
You will not just see it with your eyes you will hold it in your hands!"


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