Friday, July 06, 2007


Imagine if you would, waking up one morning to discover you have no electricity. It's an eerie feeling when your electricity goes off. Your house becomes quiet. You instinctively try to do things that require electricity, only to be reminded that the power's off. Technically electricity is there... but maybe a fuse blew, a wire shorted... who knows. All you know immediately is that your house feels strange.

That's what God's silence feels like.


One Sided said...

4 days in Connecticut with no power.
Day one: find alternatives for light. Open windows. Help neighbors pick up trash left by storm,
Day two, realize that the freezer full of food is going to spoil. Hold very large cookout, feed neighbors, postman, and stray dog.
Day three, neighbor offered us time to take a dunk in their pool and water for flushing. Started talking and telling stories to our children, Girls put on a play for the evening entertainment.
Day four, Drove to next town, decided against fast food and bought more that we coudl cook on grill, took dunk in pool, sang camp songs with neighbohood kids.
somewhere in the night I was awakened by the hum of the air-conditioner found the lights on in the house, turned them off and went back to bed.
Day five went back to normal life, recall the 4 days without electricity fondly.

Anonymous said...

waiting is hard for me.
doing things differently than i am use to doing them is a challenge.
i makes me think of doing things God's way today. thanks sister

One Sided said...


Waiting is less stressful if you keep busy. Different is only different untill you try it, then it is the optional way.

Glenda said...

I was always told there is a "quiet before the storm". If that is true, be watchful. If not just enjoy the peace that passes all understanding.