Monday, July 02, 2007

A gaggle of Christians

It started simply, an evangelist came along and sang the song several times, then our song leader sang it, "Gods got an army". The very last time I sang it along with them, I looked over my church members (including myself), and I thought about Christs church in general and thought... "This ain't like no army I'd want defending my country."

I don't want to be negative, not at all, I don't despise my Christian family, not in the least, I don't despise my Christian walk, but in it all I do see we lack the rigid discipline, passion, and vigilance of an army. Army is too noble a word. That's when the idea of a gaggle came along.

Under our gaggle, abortion has become common, and an acceptable option.
Under our gaggle, divorce rates have soared (even among the Christians).
Under our gaggle, prayer was taken out of school, the "under God" in our pledge of allegiance questioned, our ten commandments taken down, and our real military chaplins ability to use the name of "Jesus" stripped away.
Under our gaggle, there has become such a thing as a homosexual pastor.
Under our gaggle, the idea that love and correction can go hand in hand has become politically incorrect.
Under our gaggle, our own flocks have been hurt because love and correction didn't go hand in hand.

I'm disappointed in the entire gaggle of us as a whole. I'm disappointed in my contribution to the gaggle of us. And I've got to admit, I'm a little ashamed of the gaggle of us as a whole.

We're a sensitive gaggle, rather than a thick skinned army. With our gaggle skirting around us, hoping with loving words and careful attention to our individual personal quirks, to not offend us. We're a cushy gaggle, needing the temperatures to be just right, the sermons not too long, and with the appropriate amount of appreciation doled out for our individual accomplishments. We don't spend a great deal of time patrolling on our own for the enemy, but instead continually seek out more training. We're a gaggle of well taught, but unlearned Christians. The long ago expressed idea of "How many sermons will it take?" is very appropriate for us. I shudder to think that when put to define us, apostles of old would call us a gaggle of church goers, rather than a gaggle of Christians.
We've accepted cheap love, that isn't willing to step on a toe to turn someone from the wrong direction. Cheap love that hugs your neck but doesn't weep for the sins. Cheap love that holds onto the ideal that love doesn't call sin to be sin, but instead just models "good & loving behavior". It's cheap. I have cheap loving sinful friends, I need Christian friends with a costly love determined to help me get the most I can from my walk. Our sinner friends need to know we're praying for them, that we believe hell and separation from God is one of the scariest things, most horrific things a person can experience for even a moment - much less an eternity. My friends without Christ need Christs costly love, which means they need me to love enough to pay a price as well. Instead of blood though, my cost is tears, hours spent laboring laboring in prayer. Cheap love births little to nothing. If it did, Christ could have simply made due with something far less painful than death.

God help us. God help us weep, and mourn. Break our hearts, until we are so broken that we understand the old examples of wanting to sit on the ground throwing dirt and ash on our heads. For all our sensitivity Father, we are hardened to the slightest idea that we have failed to be Your army. Forgive us Father, Forgive me, and discipline me as one You love. Cast aside the dross, help me to daily leave my old man behind and rise from my bed in the new attitude and new embodiment of what you'd have me be.

And make me a soldier. A soldier willing to die. A soldier willing to walk away from everything precious to me. A soldier willing to fight. A soldier willing, and desiring to hunt the enemy and destroy him. A soldier of honor.

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That was powerful.