Thursday, July 26, 2007

A new project

Hello and good morning!

God has blessed me, richly blessed me with new experiences lately, and also a new opportunity.
I've linked up with One-Sided to produce a blog written by you. Readers.

Click here to read the motivation behind the blog.

It's called:

Hey, there's water in my cup!

My favorite part of any blog is the comments, and this new blogs focus is all about my favorite part.

The way this blog functions is, a topic is posted on the blog. YOU - Mr./Mrs. Reader then go to the comments and write something based on what the topic inspires in you. Whether it be a joke, comment, story, fact, tidbit, quote, whatever. Just post whatever the topic inspires in you.

Ultimately, once all the chapters have been commented on (1 chapter per month), Larry and I will take all the collected chapters and then publish them as an actual post, so you can see the finished product.

Listen up though - Projects like this just don't work right when people only read, get inspired/thoughtful, then leave. You have to break the comment barrier. Your words help/do/effect more than you think they do. So use 'em!

There's also a big picture on my sidebar for the new blog/project. If you'd like to put it on your blog to advertise and help get more people involved in this, just copy/paste the code found at the main site.

The first topic has already been posted, and One-Sided and I have already gotten the ball rolling with two comments so come on over and add your own.

Hey, there's water in my cup!

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