Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm just helping my Father.

I had to take a step back. To be honest, I chuckled when I realized what I'd done. Fortunately, God loves me and He took a second to show me what I was saying.

I was praying this morning, and found myself praying that God would use me. That He would help me use the right words on my blog, words that would penetrate and change lives. That He would help me make a difference in the lives of the children that will be soon coming my way. That He would help me to break chains of bondage that hold so many people back. That He would help me to.........

That's when it hit me. It wasn't so much my words as it was my mindset. "Help me do what I'm doing." rather than "Help me do what You're doing."

I'm not some organization that has a burden for certain things that seeks a sponsor to help them reach their goals.

I was the cart, asking the horse to push me down the hill.

Here's the difference. And it might not seem like much, but it really is. I'm helping God achieve His purpose. Gods using me to accomplish things. Like I said, the difference may not be obvious right off the bat, but the opposite of it is this: Gods helping me achieve my purposes. I'm using God to accomplish things.
It's the difference between being a child and helping your parents with the laundry, and being the adult doing laundry and letting the child help.
The difference is in where the responsibility lies. Where the burden lies. His yoke is easy, and it's His yoke.
He is the bearer of the burden. Like a small child determinedly grabbing onto something too heavy for them, and "helping" to lift it. That is me. I think I'm stronger than I am, and am determined to help. "I can do it!" Often slowing the work down, but growing from the effort. I'm not carrying anything close to the weight being lifted though. His yoke is easy, His burden light.
It never struck me before, how such a thing was possible. The enormity of what Christ did, and is doing on this earth... that's no light burden at all. Yet His yoke on me is easy, and His burden light.
All that is possible because He's still carrying the burden. I may put on His yoke and grunt and sweat, but there's a very large hand holding onto that yoke that keeps me from bearing the full weight.
He knows what I can handle. I trust Him to challenge me for growth. I trust Him to not put more on me than I can bear. I trust Him. Period.
God is gracious.


Mark H said...


When we catch that Father wants His kids to get involved in what's on His heart for their own sense of fulfilment of joy - in Him - then it's like the blinkers are off!

What a joy to submit eveything to Him and call Him "Lord" and mean it!

How liberating to stop asking Him to prop us up, and to instead work alongside Him.

How many times have we recited The Lord's Prayer and missed the revelation?

Great post! Thanks!

Brother Marty said...

Ditto Mark's comment!
Thank you for the reminder that it is His work that we are here to do, not ours for Him to help with. Your post touched me where I needed it most. Thank you.

One Sided said...

It is always good to check your position. I am reminded of my Father teaching me to look behind me when we walked in the wilderness on hunting trips. So I would know that things looked like when I was headed back to camp. (I learned the lesson the hard way) SO from experience I can tell you it is easy to get lost even when you are headed in the direction you started in, if you do not stop and get your bearings, every once in a while.

flyawaynet said...

I think someone once talked about writing a book. A 300 page book on how to live a stress free life. Each page front and back was simply filled with the words "Trust God Trust God Trust God".

The reason the book had to have 300 pages? Because no one would have bought a 1 page book on living stress free. That answer would be too simplistic.