Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sage wisdom...

It Is Better To Be Alone, Than In The Wrong Company Tell me who your best friends are, and I will tell you who you are. If you run with wolves, you will learn how to howl. But, if you associate with eagles, you will learn how to soar to great heights. "A mirror reflects a man's face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses." The simple but true fact of life is that you become like those with whom you closely associate - for the good and the bad.

What would Jesus do?
Would he follow this sage advice?

I could be entirely wrong. Maybe you can give me a scripture that will reinforce this little piece of wisdom; but it seems like He spent a great deal of time with wolves, teaching them how to fly like eagles.
So much of what I say, and think, often sounds like wisdom to my own ears. It sounds intelligent, and common sense (or I wouldn't say it obviously!). But I wonder, when put up against the screen of Christ and His actions, if my common sense would really stand up.


SLW said...

1 Corinthians 15:33, and a few Proverbs suggest we be careful with the company we keep. 1 Corinthians 5:9-11 puts an interesting spin on things. Jesus' friends (John 15:13-16) were the ones who were going the same place he was, but he wasn't afraid to go out and make new friends of those who used to be enemies.

One Sided said...

Strength of personality. Consistancy of actions.

I have seen good leadership turn around people and productivity. I have seen poor leadership tear apart a shift.
I have seen a goup of people flock to a subordanate with better people skills, and a higher level of ethics.

The mind set is I believe allowing "them" see you, approach you, learn from you, without you changing. Christ did not change, but he was there for all to see and approach if they wanted.