Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I know 4 people that took yesterdays post personally. I know a 5th that might have taken it personally but she just didn't call and tell me about it like the others did. As I told them, I will tell you:

This blog is my walk. Not yours.

I don't post about what I think you're doing, or how I think you should be doing it. I post about me. I don't think I'm anything like you. Mostly because I tend to believe that I'm crazy and everyone else is sane. I don't assume that what worked for me, will work for you. I don't assume my problems are anything like your problems. What I have learned to assume is that I can't assume. When I do assume something for you, I'm generally wrong and it generally results in hurt feelings.

So I don't.

I don't want my blog to ever tell you how to live your life. What I do hope is that as I tell you how I'm living mine, you find something that helps you live yours.

If my post yesterday offended you - I'm sorry. I don't think you're trying to hold onto lies, I don't think you're using your past as an excuse to not be all you can be.
I'm just telling you I did.

End of disclaimer.

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One Sided said...

I am sorry; how could someone assume you were writing about them?

I guess they were standing close to the fire.