Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two things...

Good morning. In my blog rounds today, I found two things I wanted to share. The first comes from Dan Edelen from Cerulean Sanctum. It'll take you two seconds - literally - to read his post, but, as I commented at his site it is short, but sharp. It might just poke you if you're not careful.

Read it: "How to Tell You’re Not a Christian (Even If You Think You Are) #1 "

And next... The Healing Revivalist wrote a post "Preparation for Acceleration"
It's long enough that I can give you an excerpt, but the entire article is great. It's food to make you hungry. Isn't it about time we got hungry for more hunger?

Don't wait for a plate of food to show up in front of you, go prepare it. Too often we wait until God gives us the thing we long for when the reality is that He already gave it to us and we don't even realize it. We wait to be clothed in power before we will pray for the sick but the truth is that they won't be healed until you pray for them.
As my friend aptly stated on a firestorm a few weeks ago, if you don't do anything then nothing is going to happen. If you want to continue experiencing the results you are now, keep not doing what you aren't doing. Did you get that? But if you are wanting an increase in results, take a risk. John Wimber says faith is spelled R-I-S-K. Do something you wouldn't normally do, pray for something that scares you to pray for, and pray for every person that you want to see healed (which should be everyone!). How can God use you to see limbs grow back if you never pray for anyone who has a missing limb? Take a risk and prepare to be accelerated.

Yes, that's right... R I S K.

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